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If you are a victim with a case pending in the Manhattan District Attorney's office please email :
We will respond IMMEDIATELY


We are literally on the battleground of good vs evil in NY.   Victims Rights no longer exist and public safety is at risk as elected officials roll out the red carpet for murderers, rapists, cop killers, the worst of the worst! Between Bail/Discovery Reform, Raise The Age, Less is More and proposed blanket release mandates disguised as "Parole Justice" we cannot allow this to continue or for these politicians to remain in office.

As if that were not enough now we have "woke" District Attorney's such as Alvin Bragg in Manhattan and lenient judges like Dennis Boyle releasing violent recidivists on a daily basis.


Victims Rights NY is fighting to take back our state in the name of victims and crime prevention. We have been screaming from the rooftops for YEARS!  Don't empty prisons, remove Tana Agostini and hold the parole board accountable for violating our rights, and most recently have been fighting for justice in the name of over 15,000 people killed in nursing homes. 

We have had enough! Have you?  Help us fight to TAKE BACK OUR STATE, remove Alvin Bragg and judges for maladministration and misconduct, prevent further loss of life and ensure that victims are protected.

We need your help and support in this fight as Victims Rights NY will be

- Supporting candidates and legislation that vote in favor of or promise to support victims rights

- Rallies and conferences to raise voter awareness

- Retaining an attorney to write & review legislation

- Hiring a publicist to bring attention to these issues

- Conferences for law enforcement, District Attorneys, and judges

- Website, mailings and other marketing materials, surveys

- Supporting victims of violent crimes and survivors of homicide through advocacy, activism and awareness

- Hire court watchers and case trackers.

- Hire attorneys to help file grievances and law suits

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