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Our Board Members

Jennifer Harrison  - Founder

Jennifer’s boyfriend and his best friend were killed in a double homicide involving three brothers, two of whom had criminal records. Despite multiple stab wounds from different knives, the brother with the clean record was allowed to cop a plea to the double murder that had him released in just a few years while the other two went free.

“No one could understand what our families were going through, our anger over how we were treated,” Harrison said. “We didn’t even know a deal was struck until we arrived at the courthouse.” This led her to a life of advocating for victims and their families and calling out a justice system that is becoming more and more soft on crime.

Harrison has taken to the podium  many times to call for the repeal of the state’s Bail Reform that requires the release of all misdemeanor and many felony suspects regardless of their criminal record or if they have other charges pending. 

Harrison levels her harshest criticism at former Gov. Cuomo who refused to sign a budget that did not include Bail Reform.  “Neither the law enforcement community nor victim’s advocates were consulted on these dangerous changes to our bail system,” she said. “The whole thing has to be repealed and a process must take place that’s both fair to the victims and those charged with crimes. Judges should be given back discretion over holding suspects who represent a danger to society; penalties must be reinstated that serve as a detriment to crime.”

Harrison pointed out that one of Cuomo’s appointees to the state Parole Board married a convicted murderer while she worked in the department of prisons and has been criticized for coaching felons during their parole hearings. “Her husband was let free and then got a job in state government that none of us could ever get,” she said, adding, “Cuomo intentionally composed the parole board to be sympathetic to murders and rapists.”

Harrison is both a member and advisor to many organizations such as, The Victims Rights Reform Council, Parents of Murdered Children and the Long Island/New York Metro Area chapter of Parents and Other Survivors of Murdered Victims, supports families through ordeals that include crime investigations, pleas, trials, impact statements, and parole hearings to make sure punishments fit the crimes.

Harrison’s advocacy shifted into high gear when both her step-grandmother and her sister died within two days of each other following Cuomo’s executive order to move COVID patients from hospitals to nursing homes. They were honored as “Long Island’s Homefront Sisters” as they worked at Republic Airport in East Farmingdale building the planes that helped America win World War II. “They fought for our country and were treated like unwanted stray animals by Cuomo’s political donors who he then granted immunity,” she said, noting that her step-grandmother’s sister was also famed as “Josie, the Riveter.”

She questioned why she wasn’t allowed to honor the passing of her relatives, while anarchists and looters were allowed to attack police and run wild through the streets. “Under Cuomo and the Democrats, victims have no rights. Police are vulnerable and our children are not safe as they roll out the red carpet for the criminals. We can’t allow this to continue.”

Harrison is passionate, energetic and driven and vows to make sure elected representatives are held accountable for the results of their policies. “The murder rate is increasing in New York State because they eliminated life sentences,” Harrison concluded. “It’s like the wild, wild west.”  She has been successful with her campaign against former Governor Cuomo, Former District Attorney Tim Sini, District Attorney Anne Donnelly's campaign and we advise any of her opponents to take her very seriously.

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