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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's dereliction of duty has cost lives and put many residents and visitors in harms way.

His most recent decision to prosecute business owner Jose Alba who was defending himself against a known criminal and in fear for his life, while refusing to prosecute the original assailant must be the last straw.

Even though Alvin Bragg ultimately caved to public pressure and dropped these charges this travesty never should have occurred to begin with, the original assailant still has not been charged despite having stabbed Mr. Alba and this epitomizes Bragg's lack of conviction, which is quite necessary to enforce the law dutifully.

Governor Kathy Hochul under the NYS Constitution may remove "any district attorney who shall fail faithfully to prosecute a person charged with the violation in his or her county of any provision of this article which may come to his or her knowledge"  and Alvin Bragg has knowingly failed time and time again.  Here are only a few examples:

Mary Saunders: was caught on video participating in the murder of US Veteran, Sgt. Hason Correa.  Alvin Bragg refused to prosecute on the original charges and granted a plea bargain on minor assault charges allowing her to be free after time served of only 14 months (Ironically part of the reason the DA's office gave the plea deal is due to certain self defense claims)

Alvin Bragg's failure to request a warrant to confiscate a gun used in an armed robbery by repeat offender Tyrell Rodgers resulted in a man being shot and killed on March 8. 

William Rolon allegedly brandished a knife while robbing a Duane Reade, was charged by police officers with first-degree robbery and criminal possession of a weapon but the robbery charge was dropped by the Manhattan DA’s Office and he was instead charged with two counts of petit larceny and related low-level offenses

Sadly, there are many more examples.  When is enough enough?  How many more victims and tragedies? If Governor Hochul cares at all about the safety of New Yorkers, tourists and businesses she will immediately remove Alvin Bragg from the position of the Manhattan District Attorney and replace him with a more qualified candidate who truly cares about protecting the innocent and enforcing the law

We the undersigned respectfully request the Governor take immediate action and remove Alvin Bragg from office.

The Victims Rights Reform Council, Victims Rights NY, The Family of Sgt Hason Correa (Madeline Brame, Kristy, Jayson, Jordan & Jailani Correa)

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